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‘Huma’ is the name of the Formula invented by Dr. S.M. Atiq, After the sad demise of Vaid Atiq, ‘Huma’ is now run by Vaid Atiq’s elder son Syed K.A. Shibli and Grand Son Dr. Syed Hisham Ahmed Shibli. Both of them are working day and night to make this medicine reach all suffering patients from the dreaded diseases ‘Cancer ’.

This medicine is taken orally and the patient has to take the medicine for six to twelve months depending on the seriousness of the disease.

Dreaded Disease Over Powered

Treatment being the result of Two Decades of research and experiment of the Father (Vaid Atique) of present day. Proponent of the treatment Vaid Shibli, driven by a personal tragedy when he lost his mother to the Cancer menace, Vaid Atique took it upon himself to search Ayurveda and ancient Indian Herbs for a cure, Success came to him after 20 Years for intense Dedication to the cause. The formula is taken from “ Tibba-a-Nabwi” and prepared on the basis of Ayurvedic Shastra. Though the patient starts feeling better within a week of administering the drug, the treatment is for a period of about six months and is carried out with the help of confirmed diagnosis reports.

Dr. Syed Mohd. Atique’s Memorial Cancer Herbal Clinic has so far successfully treated Cancer patients suffering with Multiple Myeloma, Sarcoma, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Acute Lyphomblastic Leukemia, Brain, Stomach, Liver, Breast, Oesophageal, Colon Cancer and Oral Cancer, Some of the past case histories are reproducted here. The details can be seen at the clinic, Dr. Syed Mohd. Atique’s Memorial Cancer Herbal Clinic incurs substantial amount of time and money to procure rare herbs from the interior of himalayan Range.