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Zainab Sayed Mohammed, Al

Patients of Lungs &amp; Kidney Cancer (Extension of the tumour into the perinephritic fatty tissue and renal vein). She started treatment in 1997. Relieved and living happily in Dubia in 2007.<br><br>

Anant Narain, 22 yrs.

Suffering from Brain Cancer. Started treatment in march, 2004 and continued the medication upto 8 months. In 2007 he is perfectly fine and completing his Post Graduate Studies.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Ayach.

Patient of Pancreas & Stomach Cancer who started treatment in 2005 and for 8 months and is now feeling fine in 2007 living in normal life in U.A.E.

Vipul Sharma s/o Pramod S

Case of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia & Bone Marrow Cancer. Started treatment in 02-10-1988. His bleeding nose was stopped. Blue patches on skin seemed to be fainting within a treatment of 10 days only. After 6 months 14-03-1989 his blood investigation on 15-06-1989 shows no sign of All above diseases. His updated health in 2007 is sound and improved.

Mother of Dr. S.M. Kaul,

Patient of Uterus cancer who was greatly relived after a treatment of about 8 months.

Sister-in-law of Shri B.D

Treatment was started after the reported burst of the Uterus Cancer tumour and she became quite alright. Though a period of 5 years have passed, she is still quite fit.

Smt. Madhu Chandra, w/o D

Case of confirmed Blood Cancer (AML) improved a lot. She died of CHF later.

Shri Sabbir, Electrician

Blood Cancer treatment started from 22-09-1990 and still he is quite OK.

Smt. Shahin, w/o Shri Moh

Throat Cancer, she was not able to swallow anything. Treatment started from 24-11-1990. She is all right now.

Shri A.K.Srivastava, 123,

Patient of Metastic Cervical L.N.Carcinoma and he is still well while the treatment was started from june 1989.

Smt Saeda Khatoon w/o Shr

Stomach Cancer, Treatment started and she was much benifitted within 3 months treatment. Still OK.

Smt Tare Devi, w/o Ambika

Case of last stage of Uterus Cancer. Treatment started from 10-03-1989 after 4 months treatment she became quite well.

Sajda Begum, Age-50/F Ind

She is under my treatment from 24-06-03 to 22-12-03 till now she is still fine no growth is found again.

Uma Pandey, Age-45/F Indi

She took my medicine for about 6 to 8 months till now she is still quiet ok .

Renu, Age-40/F India havi

She started taking my medicine from 13-12-03 & after 6 to 7 months she is cured by this dreaded disease on 01-07-04 till no no symptoms is seen again.

Vaid Sitla Prasad, Age-75/M India having Oral Cancer (retro molar trigone region with attendant erosion of left half squamous cells carcinoma )
He is refused from all the major hospitals then after he started taking my medicine from 12-08-03 and after 6 months on 20-02-04 he is totally cured till now no growth is seen again.

Ayesha Begum, 55/F India

She took my medicine for about 9 months from 05-10-97 to 25-07-98 she totally cured and living a normal life .

Col.Chitra Bahadur, 75/M

Last stage detected he is refused by all hospitals and then he took treatment from me for about 10 months from 24-01-02 to 05-10-02 and now he is quiet fit since 7 years.

Sakina Yousuf Rehmani, Ag

Operated case again growth is seen then she took my medicine about 8 months from 20-12-06 to 20-08-07 she is still fine since 3 years.

Fathma, Age-76/F Moscow h

She started taking my medicine from 05-05-08 to 24-12-08 cured and feeling much better.

Gangavati, 70y/F, 14/226

She took my medicine about 6 months starting from 25-12-2010 to 23-06-2011 till now she is fine and no growth is found again.

Aida, 68y/F from Dubai ha

her treatment started from 4-11-2011 now after 12 months treatment she became quite well.

Jaiprakash, 62y/M Delhi,

he started taking my medicine from 15-12-2010 to 15-04-2011 now he is perfectly fine till now no symptoms reappears.

Master Jaikishan, 9y/M ha

His leucocytes counts are quite high; he took my treatment from 6-10-2010 to 6-04-2011 now he is perfectly fit and fine leading a normal life.

Maqsoodul Hassan, 72y/M h

He is under my treatment for about 6 months from 19-08-2010 after treatment he cured completely from this disease, his reports shown great results.