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What is HU-MA

‘Huma’ is the name of the Formula invented by Dr. S.M. Atiq, After the sad demise of Vaid Atiq, ‘Huma’ is now run by Vaid Atiq’s elder son Syed K.A. Shibli and daughter Vaid Syeda Hina Fatima. Both of them are working day and night to make this medicine reach all suffering patients from the dreaded diseases ‘Cancer’.

Method of taking the medicine

This medicine is taken orally and the patient has to take the medicine for six to twelve months depending on the seriousness of the disease.


One drop of the HUMA (medicine) for adults and ½ drop for children below the age of 12 years.

Side effects

Over thousand patients have tried this therapy and so far, very few patients have complained of side effects. However, if the medicines are taken in heavy doses it can cause diarrhea.

How it works

HU-MA have immunostimulatory effect, it is not directly cytotoxic to tumor cells. The goal of this therapy is to nourish, restore the balance the body functions and rejuvenate general health of the body.

Toxicity Testing

HU-MA was tested in animal model for possible toxicity. No adverse cytotoxic effects were noted.

Clinical Trials

There is no randomized clinical trial conducted with HU-MA. However, few hundreds of cancer patients try this therapy ever year. It has been observed that this therapy is quite effective in treatment of blood cancers (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, Acute Lyphomblastic Leukaemia), Oral carcinoma, Gastrointestinal tract cancers, malignant brain tumors, breast and uterine cancer etc. It was found effective in the treatment of few types of sarcomas.

Advantages of HU-MA

Durations of therapy

From 6 to 12 months. In some patients the therapy may go up to a prolonged period.

*** Medicine once given shall not be returned. The cost of the medicine is not refundable. Reports of patients shall not be returned